Elite Security - 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Service

With Elite Security's 24-hour alarm monitoring, our trained monitoring professionals are watching your home and, if necessary, ready to contact emergency agencies at a moments notice. You can rest assured that prompt and dependable service is just a phone call away.

Alarm Monitoring Center

Integrity is the word which best describes Elite Security's alarm monitoring operations center. You can count on us to provide top-notch 24-hour alarm monitoring by our highly trained and professional team of operators and alarm monitoring software.

At Elite Security we are on the cutting edge of alarm monitoring software technology and we put it to work for our customers on a daily basis, giving them the most dependable and reliable alarm monitoring and alarm monitoring software available.

Elite Security's trained alarm monitoring professionals operate from an FM Approved 6,000 sq. ft. facility. Every piece of equipment we own, from our first FBI Receiver and alarm monitoring software to our NEC Phone Switch is supported by the very people who take them out of their boxes, bench test, install, and use them everyday...US!

Our electric power for alarm monitoring is backed up by a pair of 45kw generators, and a 40kw battery backup system. Our alarm monitoring software and services are protected from power outages that leave other companies in the dark. In the event of a power failure the UPS provides up to four hours of uninterrupted power to receivers and alarm monitoring servers during only a 4 second power up time of the Online Generator which can power our system for days if necessary. The UPS system constantly cleans the feed of electricity until normal power can be restored.

Alarm Monitoring Software

Our alarm monitoring software works directly with our state of the art phone switch to make receiving, handling, and disconnecting two way alarms as efficient as possible. When a two way alarm comes in, the operator handling the event simply picks up a receiver at his/her station and is immediately connected to the correct two way line. After the alarm has been verified via two way communication with our alarm monitoring software, the operator gives the alarm panel the proper disconnect tone. Our alarm monitoring software then waits for disconnect verification from the panel before disconnecting the operator, making it impossible to "accidentally" disconnect a two way alarm call.

With new accounts going online on a regular basis the need for backing up alarm monitoring data is imperative. Our alarm monitoring software systems automatically back up the entire database every 4 hours. Backups include all existing alarm monitoring account information, any changes made or accounts added since the last backup, and an entire backup of the history logs for all accounts. In addition to the regularly scheduled backups, all alarm monitoring data is backed up to CD ROM every 3 months. What does all of this mean? It means you can have peace of mind knowing that your alarm monitoring is in the hands of highly trained professionals, in an FM approved alarm monitoring facility. Our redundant computers, state-of-the-art alarm monitoring software, secured telephone lines, uninterruptible power supplies, and back up generators, provide fail-safe dependability and allows us all to sleep well at night.

Utah Crime Statistics
  • over 158,000 crimes were reported in the State of Utah last year.
  • 78,749 of these were theft related
  • 10,793 were Burglary/Breaking and entering
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